Local Artist Spotlight: The Worn Flints

Is rock and roll dead? The Worn Flints don’t think so. Kenny Stiegele’s three man rock and roll trio merges its loud rock presence with blues, psych, folk, and a touch of reggae to their abstract time signatures and extended instrumentation. What results is nothing short of spectacular.

Amongst those picking up on The Worn Flints’ talent are the Alabama Shakes and Catfish and The Bottlemen, each picking up the group for opening dates on their tours earlier this year. Catfish and The Bottlemen didn’t book an opener for their Columbus show this year, and the Flints received the call to play. They answered well, and with intense stage presence. The performance was enough to impress Van McCann to invite them on tour, starting right then. The rest is history.

The Worn Flints signed to the Six 3 Collective record label on August 31st, and have promised a new full-length album, self-supported U.S. tour, and much more. Listen to their latest release, If I Stay Awake, below.


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