[Exclusive] James Allison of Digisaurus Explains Why Independents’ Day is So Important

Independents’ Day Music Festival wrapped up its 2016 performance on Sunday night with an incredible performance by Cloud Nothings, making the trip in from Cleveland to play the free festival in East Franklinton, Columbus. Around 100 artists played the festival, and dozens of other independent artists shared their work in many forms over the weekend.

On the bill Saturday night was Columbus act Digisaurus, who have just wrapped the first leg of their hectic tour schedule around the United States. The band returned to Columbus to play the festival before departing on another tour schedule which will wrap up in November. The show was, as Digisaurus always is, wildly energetic and encapsulating, drawing crowds from other stages to very quickly pack the Retropolis stage.

In between two tracks, frontman James Allison mentioned that while he might be “a little biased”, Independents’ Day is “The best festival in all of Columbus”. We had a chance to sit down with him after the show to briefly go over why that’s the case. Listen to the brief interview below, check out their latest single here, and see Digisaurus’ tour dates here!



G: James Allison here, the man behind Digisaurus – a local Columbus act that just got off a very arduous tour, very recently, it’s great to have you back in Columbus, even if only for a moment!

J: Oh thanks man, yeah, I really enjoy being here!

G: I just briefly wanted to ask you about something that you said in between two tracks on stage here. You mentioned that you might be a little biased, but, Independents’ Day Music Festival is the best festival in all of Columbus. So I wanted to know what it is that makes you say something like that, and what does that have to say about the music scene in Columbus as a whole?

J: Well, full disclosure, I’m on the board of directors for the festival, so that was why I said I might be kind of biased about it. But yeah, I was actually the captain of this festival last year, so I led it, and I’ve been involved with it for about five or six years, and the year before that I was the music director. What makes it so special is that it’s the only sort of festival I know in the country that celebrates independent art, independent culture like this. It started off very Columbus-centric but we’ve grown to sort of incorporate more of… Rather than focus on Columbus so much, focus on being an independent. Sort of, people taking responsibility for their careers and for their creativity, and really trying to drive it forward themselves. I think it’s a really cool thing that celebrates that. A lot of music festivals have themes centered around a lot of other things, to try and create a good creative sense, but this is actually celebrating creatives and their work, so that’s why I really admire it.

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